Video from IDPA Omaha’s March 2022 Lights Match

Video From IDPA Omaha’s March 2022 Lights Match

Here’s a video clip from IDPA Omaha’s March 2022 match. We did an experimental non-IDPA match using a computer-controlled set of lights, and the shooter can only fire at the currently lit target. Scoring was time-plus with two required body hits per target. One head shot per target wouldcount as a 5-second bonus, but only if both body hits were present! Shooters had to balance the desire to make up a headshot versus the time required for the light sequence to come around again. Once the shooter felt he was done, he would shoot the steel stop plate.

We ran this as a non-IDPA match, so equipment rules were greatly relaxed. This shooter decided to use Streak non-incendiary tracer rounds for extra flair.

We may bring this system out once a year with some tweaks.

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