New IDPA Rules in 2022

Hi shooters!

IDPA has revised the rulebook for 2022. The new rulebook is available here and a slide deck of the changes is available here.

But here’s a summary of the biggest changes you will notice as an IDPA shooter.

  • SSP division capacity raised from 10 to 15 rounds.
  • CCP division capacity raised from 8 to 10 rounds.
  • Appendix-carry holsters are now allowed.
  • Weapon-mounted lights can now be used.
  • Dropping an empty magazine while you had a round in the chamber used to be a Procedural Error. This has been removed, and dropping an empty magazine is now acceptable in all cases unless specified otherwise by the Course of Fire.

Those are the major changes. For a more comprehensive list, I recommend reviewing the slide deck linked above. In addition, I have updated the Frequently Asked Questions page to include the new information, when relevant. All IDPA clubs are required to implement the new rulebook by June 1, 2022. This means April and May matches may still use the old rules. Check with your Match Directors if you don’t know which ruleset is being used.


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